Friday, February 25, 2011

Mixed Bag? Noppppe.

Well... I'm playing a show next Saturday night at a venue called "Color Cube," in Boise. I am verrrrrrry very excited about that. I'm playing a 30 minute set and I have so many songs in the lineup that I am beside myself with joy to perform live.

Tonight, I practiced old songs and new songs. I breathed new life into old words and changed a few around while I was at it. Even though the vibe was a little sad, I was joyful rehearsing them. I felt really proud of my work, and I seriously can't wait to get these songs out in the open where they belong. Most of my new friends here in Boise have never heard me sing, so it will be a fun night.

It's really funny to me how Satan tries to attack us the most after a time of joy. How great a God we serve, who can erase any sorrow and replace it with joy! His love is precious to me. God reminded me of hope, tonight. He reassured me of peace. Ahhh. I'm so grateful for the reassurance of God's promises. Thank you, Lord.

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