Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today was a beautiful day...

Today was a beautiful day. It was my mom's birthday, and in the low 80's out in La Mesa. It's too bad she had to be in Idaho today.

Let me say, I love La Mesa. I seriously am SO happy to live out here. I went on a short walk down to the grocery store today and it was just... well, nice. My street is so peaceful and traffic is never loud or congested which makes for a nice Saturday morning walk.

I'm feeling so alive this week. I've felt so much joy, so much love and it is so nice. I've been digging into the Bible for the past couple months and God is just dwelling in my life right now. Nothing brings me down, really.

I will end this post by saying Nada Surf is really really good, and I've said really too much in this post.

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