Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not alone

I climbed Cowles Mountain again today, this time all the way to the top. We started going up there for worship and prayer New Year's Day and it's been awesome. Since then, myself and a few other guys from church have gone up there for prayer and worship twice more. Today I went alone with just my iPod and Hillsong United to keep me company.

As I hiked up the San Carlos side (near Jackson) alone, I didn't feel alone at all. It was like The Holy Spirit was just comforting me the entire way up and filling me with hope for my life's future. I read a really great quote from Shane Claiborne today, "I'm not too concerned with what I am going to do. I'm more concerned with who I'm becoming." I thought about that as I hiked up the mountain today. I've let myself worry about the person I'll be in the future, the career I'll have in the future, the wife and family I'll have in the future. None of that matters right now. All that matters right in this moment is my obedience to God in following His plan for my life. All I can do is my best, right now.

Spencer said something pretty profound last night relating to this. He said, "If I try to climb this mountain while looking at the peak, I'm going to trip and fall. If I keep my eyes on the peak, every step is going to seem like an eternity. But if I carefully watch my steps as I cross each rock, I'll be safe and the time it takes to get to the top will seem shorter." I'm paraphrasing of course, but it was pretty profound stuff.

I feel safe in God's arms and I don't feel alone. Right now I really see how fortunate and blessed I am.... To live in La Mesa, to live in San Diego, California, The United States. Thank God for the blessings He's given me. I pray that I can take advantage of those blessings to do something important for Him, instead of just taking advantage of them for nothing.

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