Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today I organized a little Good Friday service on top of Mt. Helix. Eleven of us met around one o'clock for a time of worship, prayer, and communion...

I planned to get there just before 12:30, but there was no parking so I had to park about a mile and a half down the mountain. Walking up the mountain, I experienced God teach me a lesson about His sacrifice. It was hot, I was carrying a guitar, my bible, a bottle of grape juice, cups and a loaf of bread. I thought to myself, "Gosh, this is annoying having to walk up this hill in this heat, carrying all this stuff. I wish they would make more parking at the top." Immediately after thinking this to myself, God reminded me, Jesus was beaten, close to death and carried a cross up the side of a mountain. He didn't stop at the top to rest... Instead, He died a horrible death, and for what? My ugly sins. Wow. That was pretty humbling. The service was just an awesome, small offering to God for the mighty gift of salvation He's given to us. What a blessing to be apart of this!

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