Saturday, October 30, 2010


Tonight I had band practice for the worship service I'm playing electric guitar in, tomorrow morning. My friend Tim and I got there early to set up and help the tech guys get things situated. Amongst the small group of musicians, tech guys, and setup crew was a boy about 10 or 11, named Evan.

As I put my amp on stage and started arranging my pedals in front of where I'd be standing, Evan walked over and started asking questions... "What kinda distortion pedal do you use?" "This one," I said as I handed it to him. He eyed the foreign object in wonder. "It's called a Lovepedal Eternity," I said. "I like it a lot." After he asked about the other pedals in my lineup, he began to tell me all about what he had at home. I loved it, because he was so excited to tell me about his guitar and amp.

When I was situated with my pedals, I fetched my guitar to tune up. When he saw what kind of guitar I used, his face lit up. His excitement made me want to just give it to him. Evan tagged along and continued asking me questions for the rest of the pre-rehearsal time. When he left, he yelled, "See ya, guys!" like one of the gang.

This kid blessed me, big time. His excitement and wide-eyed wonder are some of the many reasons I love kids so much. It's easy for a child to be in awe of something, and I love that about them. Children don't let the fear of being judged keep them from being in awe of something. They answer their curiosities, without hindrance.

Jesus loved children. He loved them so much that when large groups of people gathered, Jesus made sure the children had a chance to see Him. In Matthew chapter 19, little children were brought to Jesus to be healed. His disciples "rebuked those who brought them." (v. 13) 14"Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.' 15When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.

I'm not sure why the disciples wanted to turn the children away. It's possible they didn't want the children to waste Jesus' time. Maybe they thought He had better things to do than spend time with a bunch of kids. The following few verses mention a rich young man who comes to Jesus, seeking wisdom (the whole "Camel through the eye of a needle" ordeal). Maybe they saw this man and wanted to hurry the children along so he could meet Jesus.

Interesting that Jesus says, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" right before meeting the rich young man, who asks Jesus how to enter the kingdom. Jesus tells him to sell everything he has and the man leaves Jesus, sad. You see, as complex as we make faith out to be, it's actually very simple. Jesus regards the faith of children to be more valuable than any possession of the rich young man.

Recently, I've developed a sort of sympathy for the rich. I feel sorry for the rich, who value their material belongings so deeply. My heart hurts for those who think they have it all, yet have nothing because they don't know Christ. Big houses and nice cars used to impress me; not anymore. What I've come to understand is no matter how nice your car, no matter how large your mansion, there will always be someone with a nicer car, a bigger house.

I will never drive a fancy car. I will never live in a lavish mansion. I don't care because I don't want those things. I have no desire to be rich. I'm not saying it's a sin to be rich because obviously, it's not. I just think too many people place "Make a ton of money" at the top of their lives' to-do lists.

I would rather be starving, homeless and poor and know Jesus Christ, than to live a rich, lavish lifestyle without Him. The wealthy, celebrity, "privileged" ones who don't know God are truly the starving, homeless and poor, and my heart aches for them.

Don't let the child in you die...


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