Saturday, October 23, 2010

I had an 'Ahh ha' moment tonight...

I had an "Ahh ha" moment tonight...

My pastor, Phil Herrington once spoke about how we over-think Satan's interaction in our lives when bad things happen. Does Satan like to mess with us? Of course. Can we blame Satan for "Attacking us" every time something unfavorable happens? No!

Along the same lines, I don't think "God is punishing me" is an accurate assumption nearly as much as we'd like to believe, when something doesn't go our way.

I used to think God was punishing me, in not making me be a full-time worship leader. At the time, I wasn't honoring God in all areas of my life. I wasn't surrendering my life to Him. So naturally, at the time I thought I was being punished for my disobedience; after all, I'm His child, right?

Tonight, I realized God wasn't punishing me; He was saving me! If God had made me a full-time worship leader, amidst all the crap I wasn't giving to Him, it would have enabled me to become a lukewarm, ineffective, weak leader. My impure heart would have held me back from being who God wants me to be! I would have had no reason to change the direction my life was taking, and I would have let myself down, too. Satan would have loved that. I am so thankful that God saved me from the trap that was laid out for me.

Thank you, God for opening my eyes and freeing my heart.


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