Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Classified Reader

I recorded a new song tonight and I am stoked on it. I wrote it last November and never thought of a way to arrange it that would sound interesting. Very excited to release the demo recording.

I read the classifieds, alone
I know that you're out there, somewhere
You're grocery shopping, fixing up your hair for no one in particular

I talk to myself
Because I don't know what to do with thoughts inside my head
They tell me sometimes, 'You're better off dead.' but I know I'm not

Do you know someone?

Maybe I should move to Texas or Maine
(Some place where they don't know my name)
But circumstances, they just stay the same
So I guess I'll stay home for days, even weeks and months at a time
I'll order in, I'll use my cell phone
My friends will ask, "Where did he go?"
Where did I go?

Do you know someon
Do you know someone I can love?

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