Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Nothing Personal

I am a recording machine right now. My recording work ethic is as it was when I was 18-20 and that makes me really happy. I have a lot of material to get out. Here's the latest installment -

Listen up baby, I got a confession to make
It's kinda crazy, but I think that I made a mistake on you

You see I was kinda lonely, and you were the first girl I saw
It's kinda funny; never gave you a second thought
Before you told me you had your eyes on me

There's a first for everything
Like the newborn's steps and a diamond ring

It's nothing personal, it's just how it goes

We were doomed for failure, right from the start
I had all these made up feelings, swapped a brain for my heart
If I had a clue, I'da never been with you

But we can still be friends, girl, if you want
We can talk about the weather just not what's in our hearts
Because I'm over you.
Aren't you over me, too?

There's a first for everything
Even champions lose and vultures sing

It's nothing personal, that's just how it goes


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