Monday, January 17, 2011


I turned 24 about a half-hour ago. I spent the most-part of January thinking (and telling people) "I don't want to be 24, yet," but you know what? At 24, this is happiest, most secure and most confident I've felt in my entire life. I can't put my finger on the reason why, but I feel like a king at the moment.

I'm happy because God continues to bless me with way more than I deserve. I think the times I've been the most unhappy were when I neglected to thank God for what He has given me. I'm completely secure in who I am and know what I want (the majority of the time). I'm confident in who God has made me as a man, who I am as a friend, musician and son, and I'm excited about the man I'll continue to become in Christ.

Twenty-three held a lot of fear and confusion in my life. Twenty-four will be a year of triumph, success and joy! I know this will be the best year of my life, thus-far!


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