Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a Weekend

The past two days have been so great.

Last night, I played a show at Color Cube. Such a great venue. Total hipster vibe; art consignment, DIY feel. I dug it. It was the first show I've played in over a year so I was very excited going into it. I played a 30 minute set and instantly felt at home again, on stage.

The band I played with, Battleschool was phenomenal. These guys really know how to put on a great show and they make great, dynamic, powerful music. Listen to them. Their singer came up to me after my set and told me they'd been on the road for 5 weeks and I was the first act they've played with that he's actually enjoyed. That was an incredible compliment.

I woke up early this morning for worship and picked up Tim for coffee before rehearsal. Practice was just awesome. Playing with great musicians across the board is a really great experience. I led on "From the Inside Out" and loved the chance to get to lead the congregation. The Spirit was so present in worship this morning, I could feel that God was really working in someone's heart this morning through worship. The message was equally powerful and spoke to my heart. I felt empowered, leaving church.

Finally, tonight I saw my buddy Matt Shockey play at house venue, Big Red House. Matt sounded great. I love this guy's lyrics, he's a true poet with passion for conveying his heart through song. I dig that.

Dig a pony

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