Saturday, April 2, 2011

Art is never finished.

I arrived at a good place lyrically for my song, "The Arson." I'm performing it for the first time, next Friday.

The Arson

I built you a house out of rotten wood and I lit a match
Without thinking
The flames consumed every memory I had of you

You were the victim, so I was the arson who fled the scene
Went somewhere Dark
Still, no amount of tears can extinguish my shame

Oh, my love
However could you forgive me?

I played the salesman set up in your temple
Clinging to a homemade gospel
I pitched it so cheap, no wonder they ate it up

You turned over tables and erased my failures
And all I had to do was call your name
I fell to my knees

Oh, my God
However could you forgive me?

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