Thursday, March 17, 2011

Your prayers, please - North Carolina

Within the past two months especially, I've be become more seriously inclined to follow God's calling on my life; leading worship full-time.

Since I was 17, I've felt the purpose of my life is to lead congregations in worship. There has been a fire in my heart for worship for as long as I can remember. At times my shortcomings have caused me to feel the heat of that fire less, but in the moments of drawing near to The Lord, the burning in my heart for God's plan for my life is overwhelming.

Last Easter, I felt my desire to fulfill God's calling become a more realistic goal . Leading three services of a couple thousand people combined that weekend especially gave me the confidence of "Yes, I can do this!"

My time in Idaho has drawn me closer to The Lord than I've been and in doing so, I'm seeing more of what God desires of my life.

As a side-note, the other day at Starbucks an acquaintance of mine came in for coffee with his wife. I had interviewed him at Boise State a few years ago after listening to him preach a sermon in the quad. He was passionate in his delivery of God's word and at the time, I thought, "This guy is going to accomplish great things for the kingdom." Flash-forward to the other day, I asked him if he was in ministry anywhere. He told me, "Nope, I graduated college and got a job. Just being an American." He left and I thought to myself, "How sad."

I want to follow God, wherever He sends me to fulfill my purpose. This leads me to North Carolina... Last night, I saw a job posting for a worship leading position at a church in North Carolina. I'm more concerned with following God's call than where I'll be in that journey, so I began praying about North Carolina immediate after reading the job description. The church seems really great. Big emphasis on not being churchy, being casual, wearing jeans and coming as you are. Their goal is bringing people back to Jesus and they emphasize largely on the younger generations, especially in worship. The job description spoke to me, as if their pastor was saying, "We want you, Justin."

Over the next few weeks, I'll be compiling video of myself leading worship (a common requirement for worship leader hopefuls) and gathering my resume. I'm not the slightest bit nervous to move 2,600 miles away. This is not my home, I don't have a home church and there is almost nothing tying me down to Boise. I love Boise, but I love Jesus more. I love my parents, but I love Jesus more.

Please be praying for God's calling in my life. My desire is to just know where God wants me. Ultimately, I will have to make a decision, but I believe that if it's where God wants me, He'll notify my heart.

Who knows, maybe I'll meet John Mark?

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